Lightning to usb cable company introduces that the charging cable is damaged and should be paid attention to

The lightning to usb cable company tells you: the damage of the wire sheath, we often encounter this situation in our daily life: it may be due to the long-term use or poor habit of pulling out the plug, which causes the aging of a certain part of the wire sheath Brittle, exposing the wires inside.
Can it be stuck with tape?

lightning to usb cable company
In fact, encountering this kind of situation does not mean that there will be leakage, but looking at the small wires exposed, it does feel infiltrating. So a little friend took the tape at home and stuck it casually. This seemingly safe behavior actually hides a certain danger!
Lightning to usb cable company reminds you: the tape here needs to use insulating tape. Ordinary tape or medical tape, although the stickiness is not bad, but the insulation is very low, and it is easy to leak electricity! So please don't use ordinary tape or medical tape instead of insulating tape! For the sake of everyone's safety, if the charging cable is broken, it is recommended that you buy a new one.

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