Simplify equipment data line upgrade process, STQTCPP01-M12 port protection chip is available

With ST's TCPP01-M12 port protection chip, designers can easily upgrade small electronic device data cables from legacy USB® Micro-A or Micro-B data cables to the latest Type-C interface cables. The TCPP01-M12 port protection chip meets all electrical protection requirements of USB-C ™ connection technology


TCPP01-M12 is a micro-controller (MCU) companion chip. It is used in conjunction with ST's STM32G0 and STM32G4 MCU's 20V / 100W USB Type-C Power Delivery controller. Only 5V interface provides electrical protection. Each application scenario requires only TCPP01-M12 and MCU to provide a cost-effective and space-efficient solution.


The design of TCPP01-M12 draws on the feedback from customers in the mass market, which can simplify the modernization of various products and equipment, such as industrial computers, mobile POS terminal payment devices, medical devices, wearable devices, wall chargers, automotive information Entertainment equipment, gaming terminals, drones, audio / video systems, gateways, computers and peripherals.


Comprehensive protection features include faulty power adapter protection to prevent faulty power supplies from using the wrong power parameters to cause equipment damage. There is also a short-circuit protection function between the VBUS pin and the configuration channel (CC) line, which provides IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 + 8 kV ESD protection for the VBUS and CC pins.


Other advantages of this chip are that if no cable is connected, TCPP01-M12 will enter a zero-power operating state, thereby extending battery life; using USB PD programmable power supply (PPS) in an innovative way to make the device charge faster Faster. The IC also integrates an external N-channel load switch drive circuit to save bill of materials costs. In addition, compared with commonly used P-channel MOSFETs, the use of PPS support and the low on-resistance inherent in N-channel switches can minimize overall heat dissipation.


The TCPP01-M12 is now in production and is available in a QFN12 package.

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